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How to plan your perfect prom night

Posted on 11th Jan, 2013 by Jackie Jolliffe

Perfect Prom Night

Prom season is only a few months away and, with the event’s ever-rising popularity, it would be wise to start planning now.

Whether it’s your first or last time at a prom evening, the key to creating your perfect prom is how well organised you are.

Limo-Scene may not be your fairy god mother, but we can help you make your memories truly magical!

We have put together some simple planning tips to help you on your way.

Decide on your travel companions: The number of people in your party will affect your plans and reservations, so confirm as early as possible. But don’t commit to spending the evening with anyone who will make you feel uncomfortable.

Arrive in style: However you choose to arrive, style is the key in prom season. Always keep in mind the capacity of your vehicle. 6 to 18 people can fit in a limo, depending on the size. It’s very important to hire a limo that you are completely happy with.

Some limos, like hummers, are large enough to include disco lighting, surround sound stereo for your journey and even a mini bar. Others are smaller but look more stylish from the outside.

Remember that limos book up very fast in prom season. You can find a limo for hire to suit your needs at Limo-Scene.

Organise yourself: It will be a busy day, but a full schedule will help you keep everything running smoothly.

Make sure you have enough time for dinner plans and photos – There’s nothing worse than arriving late.

Don’t have a wardrobe catastrophe: Prepare you dress at least two weeks before the start of the prom. Make sure everything fits perfectly so you are not panicking on the day.

Some final tips: Remember, salons are very busy during prom season – so all appointments for hair, nails and makeup should be booked no later than six weeks in advance.

Remember, men should also make sure their tux is ordered at least two weeks prior to the prom.

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