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How to be the best bridesmaid

Posted on 9th May, 2016 by Jackie Jolliffe

bridesmaids flowers

If you’ve ever been asked to be a bridesmaid you’ll know it’s a real honour. But with a whole lot of fun comes huge responsibilities. To be the best bridesmaid you need to do more than just turn up on the day. While there are lots of things you could do to make wedding planning a little easier, here are just a few ideas.


Be a good friend 

bride and bridesmaid hands

Always remember why you’ve been chosen to be a bridesmaid. Your friendship is clearly important to the bride – so make sure you continue to be a BFF throughout the process. Listen to her concerns, let her vent, and offer honest advice when it comes to big-day decisions.


Pitch in with the difficult tasks

bridesmaids shoes and flowers

As a bridesmaid, you’re not just expected to attend dress fittings. You’re also expected to help with the not-so-fun tasks of admin and wedding DIY. Always offer your help no matter what the job – your support will mean the world to her.


Research, research, research

bridesmaids research

With lots to research, from transport to flowers, it’s likely that your bride will need a little bit of help. Once you’ve got the all clear to help in areas she’s struggling with, get to work and start offering up advice.

Google is a great place to start, as are wedding directories and wedding fayres. You could also offer to look after all her transport needs and surprise her with her favourite car.

At Limo-Scene and Wedding Cars we have a wide range of vehicles available. From stylish limos to quirky vintage rides, there’s something for every bride.

For country weddings, the Range Rover Sport Overfinch is perfect. Vintage weddings can be paired with the beautiful 1960s Van Dam Plas Princess– one of our favourite cars for those post-ceremony wedding photos. And for modern weddings, choose our Rolls Royce Phantom or stunning 8-seat white Chrysler. Stylish and sophisticated, she’ll love what you’ve picked.


Plan the perfect hen do

hen party calendar

A great hen do comes only second to the wedding day itself. Make sure it’s one to remember for all the right reasons. Keep in mind the bride’s preferences and the budget of all those that will be coming along. Don’t forget to throw in a few personal touches and some little luxuries too – like transportation in one of our limos.


Support her on the day

bride with bridesmaids

Instead of taking advantage of the free photos, wine, and food, make sure you’re offering continual support to the bride on the big-day. Take charge behind the scenes and make sure everything is in order. It’s also a good idea to carry an emergency bridal kit filled with painkillers, plasters, and a mini-sewing kit.

To find out more about our cars, availability and services, give the team a call today on 0800 389 5811. 


Are you going to be a bridesmaid this year? If so, how are you making sure you fulfil all your duties to be the best bridesmaid yet? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @LimosManchester