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How to be a top best man

Posted on 17th May, 2016 by Jackie Jolliffe

How to be a top best man

There’s a lot more to being a best man than many think. As well as organising the stag do, which is a major event in itself, a best man has so many responsibilities on the big-day. From managing family dramas to making sure everything runs to plan, we share everything you need to do to be a top best man.

Organise a cracking stag party

One of the biggest responsibilities for the best man is to organise the stag party. It’s important, however, to source a range of activities to suit the whole party. While a long weekend in Vegas might be your dream plan, will the groom really want a wild lad’s holiday weeks before his wedding? A long-haul trip may also be too pricey for the other attendees.

If you’re short on ideas, why not check our stag do guide for more inspiration.

men drinking and talking


Write an appropriate speech

There’s a lot of pressure on the best man to deliver an entertaining speech – but cut it too close to the mark and things could go terribly wrong. Keep it simple and no more than 10 minutes in length. It’s also a good idea to omit any content that will embarrass the bride and groom or the wedding guests. Try to include the bride a little bit too – reliving a moment you enjoyed with the bride and groom or paying her a compliment or two.

groom doing a speech


Make sure the morning runs smoothly

Even though it’s never been a tradition for the groom to rock up in a stylish wedding car, we all know they wouldn’t say no to the idea! Over recent years, it’s become more and more common for the groom to choose his own wedding car too. As the best man, it’s your responsibility to help the groom get to the venue on time – so why not surprise him with a stylish ride too?

Some of our favourite wedding cars for grooms include:


Play floor manager for the day

A best man’s role on the big-day is probably the most important. While the stag do and speech often come to mind first, looking after the wedding day itself comes with far more responsibility.

To ensure the day goes to plan, make sure you’re familiar with everything beforehand. Visit the reception venue, look at the timetable for the day, and keep the details of all the wedding suppliers to hand in case of emergency.

wedding rings and calendar


Enjoy a drink but don’t get drunk!

After months of planning it’s important to enjoy yourself, but don’t risk embarrassment by getting drunk. It’s fine to indulge a little and get a bit tipsy, but remember you have to be the last man standing at the end of the night!

toasting glasses at a wedding

For more information about our wedding cars, give us a call on 0800 389 5811. Our limos are also available for special events and stag dos. Get a free quote on wedding car hire via our online form to find out more. 

Are you getting married this year? If so, what standout things has your best man done for you so far? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @LimosManchester