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Hiring A Limo At New Year Helps You Start Your Year In Style!

Posted on 12th Dec, 2017 by Jackie Jolliffe

hiring a limo at new year helps you start your year in style feature image

If you haven’t considered hiring a limo for your New Year just yet, you’ve not got long! We’re already taking bookings for the start of 2019, and it’s no wonder. There are plenty of reasons why so many of our customers are choosing to hire a limo, and in this week’s blog, we’ve listed three of the biggest ones below.

Celebrate In Style!

people celebrating new years

Don’t be content with sitting in at home – experience all the glitz and glamour that befits the biggest (and last) national celebration of the year. You’ve got all sorts of options when it comes to planning your night; you can kick off a pub crawl with friends or family, or rock up to the hottest nightclub in town. There’s nothing like gliding up to the kerb in, say, our Black Hummer Limo to turn some heads! Or, if you’re in the mood for a more quieter celebration between you and a significant other, you can treat them to a wonderfully intimate dinner at a classy restaurant, with a clink of champagne glasses to usher in 2019’s new beginnings.

Enjoy A Tipple Or Two

pouring champagne

Of course, if you’re getting yourself anywhere for New Year’s Eve, it generally means that at least one person has to be the designated driver. Spare someone from being on the lemonade all night by just hiring a limo – that way, you all get to enjoy a glass or two without having to worry about the legal repercussions of how to get home. Plus, it saves you the hassle of trying to flag down a taxi at one of the busiest times of the year. Our limos can effortlessly cater for larger groups, too, which means that you won’t have the headache of trying to book several taxis or minibuses at once (many of whom have very strict rules on consuming alcohol in their vehicles, even when it’s less comfortable to do so than in a plush limo).

Guarantee Your Safety

limo driver

Whether you’re drinking or not, safe travel will always be a primary concern when trying to get anywhere on New Year’s Eve. Even sober partygoers have been known to get quite fierce when contesting available taxis, and the taxi drivers themselves can in turn end up driving quite aggressively in order to take full advantage of the busyness and take home as many fares as possible.

At Limo-Scene, our drivers are completely dedicated to you. You can trust them to drive safely and responsibly, and what’s more you don’t have to worry about them being snatched up by fellow partygoers. You can enjoy your celebrations in total peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that your transport out or back home is reliable, professional and completely focused on your safety and comfort.

Feel free to browse our range of amazing limos – for our part, we’d always recommend the Pink Hummer Limo if you’re looking to really make a splash in town! Give us a call on 07812 102 051 to get your New Year’s transport booked today!

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