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Hen Party Dos and Don’ts

Posted on 26th Feb, 2013 by Jackie Jolliffe

Hen Parties are one of the most memorable weekends you will ever have and it’s really easy to get carried away with all the excitement and forget about some very important things!

You will no doubt spend a lot of time looking through some hen weekend packages deciding what you and the girls want to do.

Then, after you’ve decided what you’re going to wear, before you know it the weekend arrives and you’re off on the hen party.

To make the weekend go as smoothly as possible, we have put together some hen dos and don’ts which you’ll want to read as soon as possible, even whilst you’re at the booking stage.


1) Consider what the bride wants

Remember this is the bride’s day/night/weekend and it’s  likely she won’t be organising it.  It’s up to the maid of honour (traditionally) to get it all together.

Just think about all the things she loves to do. Think about where she likes to spend her free time and remember conversations where she mentioned what she would love to do for her hen party.

2) Don’t forget to invite people, especially from the groom’s side

The invitation list can be tricky. You might be scared about some people not getting along with others etc… but whatever you do, don’t forget to invite some of the in-laws!

It’s up to you who you invite but make sure there’s a presence from the groom’s side.  Brownie points if you do!

3) Organise a surprise for the hen

Organise something for her that she will have no idea about since this will be the icing on the cake for the weekend.

You could arrange for a Butler in the buff to turn up at the hotel as a surprise to serve drinks to you and the girls. Or you could also arrange for a limo to come and pick you and the girls up without the bride to be knowing!

4) Balanced price

Whilst you’re looking for a hen party package, try and find a balanced package where there isn’t be too much trouble for everyone to pay.

Looking at destinations such as Las Vegas may be fantastic for you but not so good financially for others, so just take this on board when looking.

5) Include a daytime activity

The night out is the main attraction on a hen weekend and very often the day is spent shopping in town.

Instead of this, book a daytime activity which will really get the party started such as cocktail making where you and the girls will learn from an expert mixologist how to make those gorgeous cocktails which you all love drinking!

Those are the dos, but let’s now have a look at the just as important don’ts!


1) Don’t do anything you’ll regret in the morning

This could be a number of things and we will leave you to decide what can be classed as something you may regret, but our advice is if you will regret it, don’t do it!

2) Don’t forget to drink as much water as you can through the night

Drink sensibly and there won’t be any acts of sickness!  But we all know how it is on an exciting night out and the drinks are flowing.

Just remember to drink a glass of water every so often and your hangover should be a little less unpleasant!

3) Don’t forget to arrive early to the hotel

If you can, try and get to the hotel as early as you can.  Get into the Bride to be’s room and decorate it with pictures of you and the girls with her – pictures she will love and make her smile.  This will be a nice surprise for her when she arrives!

4) Don’t forget people’s comfort zones

Just remember not everyone’s the same and it’s more than likely there will be a mixed bunch of people on the hen weekend.

Don’t book a crazy wild action packed daytime activity if you know half of the group really won’t enjoy it!

5) Don’t have the hen party the night before

As tempting as it might be to keep it very traditional, don’t organise the hen party the night before the wedding.  1 – 2 months before the wedding is usually a good time.

We hope you have found these hen dos and don’ts useful and the hen party is one which you and the girls will remember for years to come!

Thanks for the guest post from UK Girl Thing.

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