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Give your wedding a touch of class with a convertible limousine!

Posted on 29th May, 2018 by Jackie Jolliffe

classic wedding cars

A white limo is the go-to choice for many people when hiring luxury wedding transport. That’s hardly a surprise – it’s a fantastic all weather choice! Now that the weather is so beautiful, though, lots of couples are starting to consider vintage luxury convertibles for their wedding. We think it’s no wonder! Convertible limousines are fantastic for summer weddings, and they offer a brilliant range of advantages that not every limo shares. Allow us to enlighten you on our favourites…

  1. They let you enjoy the wonderful weather

Admittedly this one’s sort of obvious, but that’s exactly why we couldn’t exactly go without mentioning it, could we? A convertible limousine like our Burgundy Beauford limo is (literally) the perfect vehicle for letting you feel the heat of the summer, the beauty of the sunshine and the cool breeze through your hair. It’s fair to say that we’re not exactly known for this kind of weather here in the UK, so it’s definitely best to enjoy it wherever you can – and when better than your summer wedding?

  1. You can bask in the amazing atmosphere

No, we’re not talking about the weather again! Another of the most marvellous aspects of a convertible wedding limo like our Silver Beauford Convertible is that they break down the barriers between you and the outside world. With most limos, once you close the door behind you, you’re essentially in your own little room alone with your beloved. That’s the ideal scenario for some people, but others draw extra energy and happiness from staying connected to the outside world, revelling in the sense of joy and celebration that always surrounds every wedding.

You don’t have to lean across each other to wave goodbye to your family as the chauffeur smoothly glides away from the kerb – and if you want to wave to the general public like royals on the way to your wedding reception, well, that’s completely up to you! (Plus, an open-topped wedding vehicle gives everyone the maximum opportunity to enjoy the radiant beauty of the bride in her wedding dress. Let’s be honest, that’s always a nice bonus, isn’t it?)

  1. A vintage wedding convertible looks equally elegant and glamorous

Practical benefits aside, a vintage wedding convertible limo looks absolutely stunning, in a class all of its own. Stylish, sophisticated and elegant, you might be surprised at how much of an effect its aesthetics have on the feel of your wedding. With so much effort put into the dress, the decorations and the venue, a luxury convertible limo plays a vital role in its own way at your wedding, and its iconic, timeless look will turn everyone’s heads on the day – not to mention looking effortlessly striking in your wedding photographs for years to come!

  1. It perfectly fits any wedding theme

Ah, we think this is one of the lesser-appreciated elements of a convertible wedding limo – their versatility! Their sophisticated, stylish looks means that they never look out of place at even the most modern wedding venues. (And even on the odd occasion they do, their charming aesthetics mean that your guests will almost certainly forgive the anachronism!) This goes for the locations, too – their rustic looks are the perfect complement to even the most modern of wedding venues, and if they’re taking part in a vintage wedding they’re perfect for achieving that fairy-tale look that’s simply captivating.

Here at Limo-Scene we pride ourselves on maintaining a stunning selection of wedding limos, including not only vintage convertibles like our Regent Convertible and Burgundy Beauford limo, but also attractive solid-roofed options like our Pink Regal Laundaulette. Feel free to browse them at your leisure, and see which one takes your fancy!