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Get the correct information when hiring limos

Posted on 5th Nov, 2010 by Jackie Jolliffe

It’s important to get all the details correct when hiring a limousine to ensure your evening runs smoothly.

Write down all relevant information should any unforeseen events occurs – so contacting the limo hire company by e-mail might be advisable.

Whether you make contact by telephone, e-mail or web enquiry, it’s vital to obtain the following information:

The correct day and date of travel – You may have accidentely given the company the wrong date.

The full names and mobile contact numbers of the limo passengers – Mobile numbers are important for airport pick ups because there are so many people in airport terminals.

The correct pick up address – full address details including additional information which might be needed.

The exact time of  the pick up – Allow for traffic or any other potential problems.

The drop off address – the full details of the address for every passenger including any relevant directions or information to assist the driver locate the drop off point.

The preferred method of payment – The easiest method is to book with the limo hire company. Whether cash or credit card the money can be taken at the end of the journey.

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