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Five Awesome Reasons To Hire A Limo

Posted on 4th Dec, 2017 by Jackie Jolliffe

Facing facts: Some cool bits of limousine trivia

Limousines are more versatile vehicles than you might think, and here at Limo-Scene, there are all sorts of reasons why our customers might hire a limo. This week on the blog we thought it was worth taking a look at just a few of them. Without further ado then, here are our top five reasons to hire a limo. Perhaps you can think of a few more!

  1. Go Sightseeing!

five awesome reasons to hire a limo manchester

Cities like Manchester have a lot to offer for the casual sightseer. When you consider it next to places like London, it’s a relatively small city, but it’s packed with history and culture, and there’s no better place to experience that than from the seat of a plush limousine. It’s got all the benefits of other sightseeing routes like bus tours, but unlike buses, you don’t have to worry about getting in anyone’s way as you take a photo, or worry about other members of the public getting in yours. Just sit back, and enjoy the sights!

  1. Get Your Night Out Started In Style

Glam up your night out with luxury limo hire in Stockport

There’s nothing better than cruising up to a club in the seat of a cool limousine, and if you’re looking to make an impression, you’re certainly on the right track! Plus, with our range you’ve got a choice of limos to suit the style of your night out. Our Silver Hummerzine is always good for turning heads, while our Pink Hummerzine is particularly popular for a girls’ night out!

  1. Take The Stress Out Of Airport Transfers


A ride to the airport isn’t traditionally regarded as the most fun you’ll ever have – but you can change all that in a smooth limousine! Not only can it make you feel like a rockstar, but perhaps more importantly it makes a brilliant impression if you’re picking someone up rather than going to fly out yourself (particularly useful for corporate trips).

There are lots of other bonuses too – for one thing, unlike driving yourself, you don’t have to worry about long-term cost for parking, or worry about missing your turning. Our drivers go out of their way to make sure you have a pleasant experience, and we research our routes well in advance, to guarantee you peace of mind on the day.

  1. Make Someone Feel Truly Special


For birthdays, anniversaries or Mother and Father’s Days, a meal at a fancy restaurant is a mainstay – but for the icing on the cake you absolutely can’t beat a sleek limousine gliding up the kerb. It’s the ultimate surprise present, and it’s a perfect way to make your loved one feel like they’re on top of the world – just what you want from a special occasion! Our limos are especially popular for birthdays and prom nights are another particular favourite. It’s one of the reasons we encourage our customers to book in advance!

  1. Ensure Your Wedding Day Is A Day To Remember!

Five reasons why you need a luxury wedding car

Talking of special occasions, there are few days as special, memorable or life changing as your wedding day. At Limo-Scene we know that as well as anyone, and we treat our service and presentation of our vehicles with all the attention, respect and importance that the day deserves. We’ve got a fantastic selection of wedding day vehicles to suit your style, too – our White ‘Baby Bentley’ is a fantastic choice for traditional wedding days, while our Blue Beauford is ideal for vintage weddings. It’s all up to you!

Whatever your reasons for hiring a limo, you can count on Limo-Scene to provide you with top quality service in a variety of truly stunning vehicles. You can browse our full collection of Hummers here, or give our booking hotline a call on 07812 102 051.

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