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Facing facts: Some cool bits of limousine trivia

Posted on 30th Dec, 2016 by Jackie Jolliffe

Facing facts: Some cool bits of limousine trivia

The Beast and the Sunshine Special are just two of the most famous limousines ever to exist – and with names like that, it’s easy to see why! From names like these to $14 million dollar limos and much more – we share the best in limo trivia in today’s blog.

  1. In use for over 100 years

Limos have been the vehicle of choice for more years than you might have thought. In fact, the first limousine was built in 1902 and featured a unique design that has developed over the years. The original limo saw the driver sat in a separate covered compartment rather than inside the vehicle – as they are today.

  1. Perfect for a family of four

Today’s limos are known for their spacious features – with enough room for all your family and friends. But did you know, the first limos only had room for four passengers?

  1. A vehicle fit for a pope…

We all know that limos are often the choice of the rich and famous – but you’d probably never expect a limo to be the top choice of a pope. Both Pope Pius XII and Pope Paul VI owned limos with the latter owning not one, but two!

Facing facts: Some cool bits of limousine trivia

  1. … as well as presidents throughout time

Every president’s limo makes a name for itself with its supreme style and high-end features. There’s Barack Obama’s “Beast”, Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “Sunshine Special” as well as Dwight Eisenhower’s “Bubbletop”.

  1. The coolest vehicle in town

With the limousine leading the way in super cool design, it’s no surprise that it led the way in vehicle technology too. The limo was the first type of vehicle to be equipped with air conditioning (in 1940), setting the standard for cars today.

  1. A Hummer’s battlefield roots

Our Hummer limos, such as our Black Hummer and Pink Hummer, are typically hired for lavish and luxury affairs. However, their roots show the Hummer’s original use was a little different. Hummer limos were designed by the US army as utility transport and didn’t make their way to the limo scene until the 1990s.

  1. The ultimate in vehicle glamour

If you thought our Silver Hummerzine or our stylish White Chrysler Limos were glamorous, you’ll be super impressed with this next car. For his wedding, the Sultan of Brunei impressed in a Rolls Royce Silver Spur stretch limousine covered in gold. The stylish vehicle was plated in 24-carat gold and cost a massive 14 million dollars – making it the most expensive limo ever built.

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