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Ensure your limo is safe – with a Certificate of Initial Fitness

Posted on 31st Aug, 2011 by Jackie Jolliffe

Many limo companies throughout the country are operating illegally because they are not properly licensed.

This means that they will not be insured either.

Hiring a limousine in the United Kingdom should be enjoyable and ultimately you should feel confident that the company serving your party is fully licensed and insured.

It is the responsibility of the limo hire company to make sure their limos and are safe and meet all government requirements.

You can enhance your night out dramatically hiring a limo and taking your friends out in it. Events such as a stag night or a birthday will feel all the more special when spent in a limo.

However, you should always be aware the UK limousine laws, because, unfortunately, some companies do not keep to them.

These laws both ensure your safety and set a standard to limo hire company credibility.

Shockingly, around half of the UK’s limousine companies are not fully licensed. Although they know the law they choose to ignore it.

That’s why you should check with the company whether they have a licence. With larger limo hire vehicles., they must provide evidence of a COIF (Certificate of Initial Fitness). It is wise to ask them to see this before using the company.

For more information on COIF, or on many other aspect of limo hire Manchester, Blackpool or Liverpool, visit the advice section.

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