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Driving a limo in the snow

Posted on 30th Nov, 2010 by Jackie Jolliffe

As the country becomes entrenched with snow it is important for a driver of a limo for hire to be safe.

Although many of us adore a white Christmas, the snow can make limo hire driving extremely difficult.

Prepare your limo  – including checking the tyres for air and tread depth, checking antifreeze levels, checking the ignition, brakes, wiring, hoses, checking fuel and emission filters and checking the limo battery.

Keep the neccessary tools in your limo hire vehicle at all times, including an ice scraper, defroster, cloth and full tank of petrol.

Plan your route carefully.

Most importantly – drive carefully. Ensure there is at least 10 seconds difference between you and the car in front. Drive in a high gear to minimise the risk of skidding.

Do not hit the brakes if your limo skids. Steer gently in a lower gear.

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