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Do’s & Don’ts on your hen night limo journey

Posted on 24th May, 2013 by Jackie Jolliffe

Being the UK’s No1 planners of Hen Weekends, we like to think we know a thing or two about hen parties and how to make them special.

Nothing will make your girlies feel more ‘celeb-like’ than a chauffeur driven limo to drive you to all of the hottest bars and clubs.

However, celebrities can get away with a lot of things that the likes of you and I cannot, so, with this in mind, here are a few Do’s and Don’ts for your Hen Party Limo journey.

Do enter the limo in an elegant manner. Place your bum in the car first and then swing your legs into the car. This significantly lowers the risk of being seen flashing your knickers to all and sundry and is slightly more ladylike and demure than a full on ‘head in, arse up’ approach.

Do Not invite more girls than the limo can seat. This could lead to embarrassment when the driver refuses to depart with girls sitting on each other’s knees and you have to ask some of your girls to call for a boring ‘regular’ taxi instead.

Do let the Birthday girl or Hen sit in the ‘power seat’. This is the seat in the back that is curb side. This person therefore gets in and out of the car first and if they wish to wave like her royal highness at the plebs on the pavement she is in a perfect position to do so.

Do Not Hang out of the sunroof Las Vegas Style whilst the limo is moving. Contrary to what the movies would have you believe this is highly illegal not to mention dangerous. However, we are sure if you smile sweetly at the chauffeur he will probably let you have a photo taken of you hanging out of the sunroof whilst the limo is parked. (It’s better than nothing).

Do Take your own CD of music to play in the limo (double check that your car will have this amenity). It’s supposed to be the start of your party so surely you want to hear your party tunes whilst you cruise the streets?!

Do Not party too hard in the limo. Although it may feel like you are living in a dream world the laws of normal society will still apply. So no smoking, no damaging the upholstery, no vomiting on the seats or out of the window and no other naughty stuff you might wish to partake in.

image5Do take full advantage of the mini bar should your limo include one, when else are you going to get the opportunity to drink some fizz with your girls whist you are being chauffeur driven around town?

Just make sure you clarify if it is included in the hire price or if drinks are to be paid for separately before you start guzzling.

Do Not Constantly badger your driver to ‘go faster’ ‘follow that car’ or ‘race him at the lights’. Chances are your driver is sticking to speed limits and values his drivers licence (what with it being his livelihood and all) and he won’t be willing to jeopardise it for your ‘scenes from Hollywood’ recreation fantasy!

And finally DO tip your driver if you have enjoyed the experience. The etiquette for this is usually to pass the driver an envelope with the equivalent of 10-15% of the hire fee in cash at the last drop off.

Do Not leave the limo in a state you wouldn’t wish to find it in. Remember to take all of your personal belongings and rubbish with you when you leave the limo for the last time. This will avoid any nasty penalties which can be incurred for any excessive cleaning required.

More than anything, enjoy your limo experience! It really is the best way to travel on your night out.

This blog was written by Rebecca Lee of The UK’s Number 1 Hen party planning company.