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Don’t be Left High on Dry on Prom Night

Posted on 24th Apr, 2012 by Jackie Jolliffe

With Prom Season just around the corner, hundreds of parents are hiring limousines for their children.

But many people who hire limousines in the UK don’t know that some companies operate illegally – so it is important to always check their credentials.

In order to make hiring a limousine an enjoyable experience, customers need the confidence of using a company, which is fully licensed and insured.

Before booking, ask to view the cars, to make sure the limo you ordered is the correct one. Some companies lie about which cars they own and then make up a story as to why they have sent an alternative car.

It is a limo company’s responsibility to make sure their limos are safe and meet all guidelines currently set by the government.

A prom night should be a lot of fun and a night to remember. However, you need to be aware of some very important laws that many UK limousine operators are breaking.
Laws such as these ensure safety, but show the credibility of a limo hire company.

Jacqueline Jolliffe, from fully licensed company Limo-Scene & Wedding Cars, said:

“Shockingly, around 50 per cent of limousines available for hire throughout the UK are not licensed properly.

“These companies know the law and choose to ignore it – which could actually result in the limousine being taken off the road while you are in it.”

You pay for what you get in the limo industry. Don’t be disappointed by thinking you have the best deal because you booked a cheap limo.

The majority of limousines are restricted to carrying no more than eight passengers unless they have COIF (Certificate of Initial Fitness).

This law was originally introduced because low ceilings and inadequate safety exits made overcrowded limos dangerous.

The Vehicle Operator Service Agency (VOSA), which issues the licences, will not recognise stretch limos as legal if the safety requirements at not met. This includes the oversized limousines, such as the stretch Hummer. Hummer H2’s are always 16 or 18 passengers.

A hummer is always 16 or 18 passengers and other limos pale in comparison. All 4 x 4 limos MUST have a COIF – ask to see the certificate and don’t just take their word for it.
Some companies say they have hummers or hummer lookalikes when all they have are normal 4 x 4 limos.

A company which spends money buying top quality cars and making them legal cannot charge the same as the man down the road who has an old car and may not be legal.
Therefore, many limo hire companies are taking advantage of the public and police ignorance of the passenger laws and operating illegally.

VOSA has the power to remove vehicles from the road even whilst in operation. Vehicles need to have a certificate of initial fitness (COIF) to be classified as a Passenger Carrying Vehicle. Many Hummer limos have now passed these to qualify for the COIF.

It is even more important now that you check before reserving a limousine in the UK for your special occasion because there are government initiatives to prevent vehicles from being registered if they do not meet legal requirements. A large proportion of vehicles used in the limousine industry are being operated illegally as PSVs, because they have been registered with the DVLA without type approval/certification when they cannot meet Certificate of Initial Fitness (COIF) standard.

Be smart and hire a limo with a company that boasts fully registered vehicles – Limo-Scene & Wedding Cars.

Limo-Scene’s vehicles are safe and legal – with a selection of large of small limos and wedding cars, all of which are fully licensed.

Limousine hire and wedding car hire from Limo-Scene is available throughout the North West, including, but not restricted to:

Limo Hire Manchester, Bolton, Manchester, Stockport, Warrington, Runcorn, Walkden, Worsley, St Helens, Macclesfield, Crewe, Blackpool, Preston, Liverpool, Skelmersdale, Cheshire.