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Choose the right music for your guests in your limo

Posted on 30th Aug, 2012 by Jackie Jolliffe

Music – an essential component of the journey in your luxury limo for hire.

There are some songs that will get you revved up while you are driving in your limo hire on your way to a special occasion in the North West.

So choose wisely before just sticking on your favourite tunes on. A selection that doesn’t cater to everyone’s tastes can make or break your occasion.

The music played in your limo should suit the taste of the people you invite – for maximum enjoyment.

Recognising musical tastes

It turns out that you can accurately assess what kind of music your limo hire party enjoy from their personality. This also works the other way round.

Cambridge psychologist Dr Rentfrow thinks that personality clues are conveyed in the music’s tempo, rhythm and lyrics.

Fans of jazz, classical and complex music typically have above-average IQ scores.

On the other hand, fans of country and top 40 hits tend to be more conventional, honest and conservative.

“People who like country and pop might be more simpleminded, and that’s not necessarily bad,” says Rentfrow. “They just avoid making things unnecessarily complex.”

Steven Stack, a psychologist at Wayne State University in Michigan, says dramatic personalities are drawn to opera.

Contrary to popular opinion, children who like gangsta rap and heavy metal are often more timid and shy than others.

Extroverts enjoy music with a heavy bass line, according to a Northeast Louisiana University study.

Background music helps extroverts to focus, while it torments introverts.

Fans of energetic music such as dance and soul are more likely to impulsively blurt out their thoughts.

With these insights you should more accurately be able to access the best genres to put in your limo hire vehicle.

Hire a hummer limo to get you in the mood

The best type of limo to hire to get you prepared for a night out of special occasion is a hummer limo from Limo-Scene, which hires out vehicles in Manchester, Bolton Preston, Warrington, Liverpool and the surrounding areas

Your music will be played through high-quality surround sound speakers, with strobe lighting, LCD screens and a karaoke bar if required.

The Hummers seat between 16 and 18 passengers, depending on the vehicle hired.

Hire a limo in Manchester and the North West

Limo-Scene’s chauffeur-driven limo hire service is the best in the North West – with the latest vehicles available.

So whether you live in Manchester, Liverpool, Stockport, Bolton, Warrington, Preston or anywhere in the North West you can count on limo-scene for the best night possible.

If you book a limousine or hummer limo seating 8 ,16 or 18 passengers for a special occasion you can get a discount for tickets at the Birdcage nightclub with the Limo-Scene & Wedding Cars’ Night Out in Manchester Package.

The Birdcage is a great night out no matter what your age. Watch the show, have a dance, drink and party all night long at one of Manchester’s leading nightclubs and make it night one to remember.

Limo-Scene can either transport you from your required pick up point to the Birdcage as a one-way journey or with the return journey included. Tickets will be in the car when you are picked up.

Check out our hummer limo hire page.

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