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Why Choose Limousine Hire Over A Limo Broker?

Posted on 8th Mar, 2017 by Jackie Jolliffe

why choose limousine hire over a limo broker

You may have heard of limo brokers – they’re people who know all the best limousine companies, so can organise a great service on your behalf. Sounds awesome, right? Except it’s usually not that simple. While they might seem great on the surface, it doesn’t take that much examination to realise that brokers are actually a very risky choice.

What’s Involved When Using A Broker?

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Essentially, a broker is a middleman. While that’s not a bad thing in itself, when it comes to limo hire, a middleman is usually not the person you want. They own no cars themselves, so when you contact a limo broker, what they do is start contacting companies on your behalf, securing their services for a discounted rate. There’s no guaranteeing the quality of these companies, while the broker charges you extra fees and then keeps the difference for themselves. This ultimately means that you could end up paying full price – maybe even more – and end up with a service that falls far below the expected standard.

Brokers typically have a broad but shallow knowledge base, which means they might know a lot of companies in Preston or Manchester but probably don’t know much about each one. They won’t know about the cars, won’t know about the drivers, and won’t know about the service. They can’t guarantee a quality experience, and indeed may not even be interested in doing so anyway. Once they’ve sourced the limo for you, their job is done; they have their money so their involvement ends there. We’ve gone into detail before about some of the downsides, but to sum up the major ones: your driver could be unprofessional, inexperienced, or ill-informed – because there are no guarantees that your arrangements and specifications will be fully passed on to the actual limo supplier. (They should be, yes, but it doesn’t mean they will!) The limousine itself could be in a state of disrepair – whether cosmetically or mechanically – and it could show up late, or even not at all! If this happens, there’s nothing to say for certain you’ll get your deposit back.

So Why Use Limo Hire Instead?

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That one’s easy – there’s a whole bunch of answers, but the most important one is that it’s our name on the line. We have an interest in maintaining our reputation, and we can only do that by providing fantastic service to you, our customers. What’s more, we take pride in our business. Whether you’re looking for limo hire for weddings or children’s birthday parties, we know that the perfect occasion demands the perfect service, and we want to be the people to provide it.

But enough about us. For you, this means that you’ll be talking to the people who actually know about the car, driver and service you’ll be using. We screen all of our employees, and tolerate nothing less than the very highest standards of professionalism, ensuring that you have a safe and pleasant experience on the day. You can give your information and arrangements directly to us, and count on us to stick to them. And because you hire our limos as part of a package deal, there are no time limits, no extra waiting time charges. Once you hire us, we’re committed to you, and only you. Finally, there’s no need to fork out any extra dosh for commissions or fees, as you would with a broker.

Save money, save time, and give yourself some peace of mind by going direct. In fact, why not see exactly what sort of standards you can expect, by visiting our new showroom in Leigh? We’ve got some fantastic cars for your inspection (like our impressive Silver Hummerzine), and we’ll be only too happy to have a chat with you in person if there’s any questions you might have. Alternatively, give us a call on 0800 389 5811, and we’ll see what we can do for you.

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