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Boys spending nearly as much as girls on their school proms

Posted on 26th Jun, 2013 by Jackie Jolliffe


It seems that school proms are more popular than ever nowadays. Even the lads are spending a lot of money – nearly as much as the girls.

Going for a slick, groomed look, it seems boys are spending 24% more on their outfit than last year.

Tuxedo sales have rocketed 60%, according to Debenhams, as image-conscious teenage lads begin to ditch T-shirts and jeans, tidy up their facial hair and head to beauty salons for the full treatment.

They are are also spending money on expensive extras like cufflinks, and silk hankies, with their whole prom coming to an average of £385, compared to the £467.25 female average.

Ed Watson, of Debenhams, said: “The amount a guy will spend on getting prom-ready is now close to rivalling a girl. Prom fever has hit and guys are going all out to look their best and it doesn’t stop at the suit.

“Budding prom kings want to achieve a polished, groomed look and are looking to celebrities such as David Beckham and Daniel Craig for their inspiration.”

He added: “The ladies seem to be better prepared – we have seen an increase in occasion wear sales since January whereas guys have been rushing in last minute to get ready for the big night.”

Remember though, boys and girls, not all the money should be spent on you’re your outfit – your limo is equally important.

You don’t have to spend a fortune compared to your outfit, but if you are planning to make a memorable entrance you’ll really have to think about your limo.

You might be able to find the odd free slot, but generally speaking, you’ll struggle to find a limo to hire if you do it at the last minute.

We have one or two beautiful limos left, which will be doubtless be snapped up soon, but remember to book early if you have one coming up next year.

Make an entrance

What do we recommend for your prom to make an entrance? Well that really depends on your preference.

We have four huge hummer limos, in silver, black, pink and white. These ‘parties-on-wheels’ are souped up with surround sound and disco lights and well as all the usually luxuries. The silver one will even take up to 18 passengers…not many cars can carry THAT many people.

Alternatively, our black or white Chrysler, baby Bentleys, are designed to make you look and feel like a celebrity – they are extremely stylish.

We also have a classic style of limo for hire…the Black Lincoln Town Car. It’s a staple in the limousine world.

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