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Where To Get Pumped Up Kicks: Manchester’s Best Indie Venues

Posted on 6th Feb, 2017 by Jackie Jolliffe

where to get pumped up kicks--manchesters best indie venues

Ask any Mancuian, and they’ll tell you that indie music is a huge part of Manchester’s identity, with nationally famous bands like the Smiths, the Stone Roses and the legendary Oasis all finding their footing on its vibrant streets. The city’s nightlife does a great job of honouring this musical heritage too – which means there’s no shortage of bars and clubs for the discerning indie fan.

Common in Manchester

common in manchester

First amongst out own recommendations here at Limo-Scene is Common. Situated in the heart of the Northern Quarter – Manchester’s own hub of style and fashion – it embodies the bold, daring artistic vibe that makes the Northern Quarter such a must-see for visitors to the city. Said artistic vibe is probably best represented by the pieces of actual art that adorn its walls (makes sense, right?), each adding their own touch of personality to an already distinctive venue. Whatever’s your bag artwise, you’ll find it here – there’s humour, wry observation, memorable characters and occasionally a touch of the macabre. If your wallet allows, you can even purchase pieces from selected exhibitors. Come by day and you’ll find scores of comfortable seats upon which to ensconce yourself and enjoy some tasty daytime snacks. If you’re coming by night though, be prepared – it gets rammed pretty early, due to the venue’s expansive and sometimes experimental take on music. As well as traditional indie, you can also get stuck into punk-funk and cosmic disco. What do they sound like, you ask? You’ll have to go along to find out!

42nd Street in Manchester

42nd street manchester

Ah, 42s. It mixes those two great qualities about Manchester – a deep-rooted history lightly buttered with a patina of loud music and cheap drinks. Truly, there is something for all. It was originally launched back in 1973 by George Best, every Manchester United fan’s beloved Belfast boy. It was an instant hit, and soldiered on under the somewhat questionable moniker of Slack Alice until a name-change finally cemented its place as a crux of Manchester nightlife. It regularly tops everyone’s recommendations list of Manchester indie nights out, and many’s the night where you’ll find the dancefloor packed with an energetic young crowd belting out encouragement to Eileen, ensuring her that she looks great in that dress, come on Eileen, ooh ra ooh ra oo rye yay – you get the picture.

5th Avenue in Manchester

fifth avenue

Long marketing itself as Manchester’s number one indie experience, 5th is one of the city’s longest-running indie venues. Love it or hate it, you can’t deny it’s doing something right. It’s true, 5th doesn’t take a lot of risks, and there isn’t a lot experimental about what it does, but that’s just another reason why people love it. If you’ve tried somewhere new for Saturday evening and not found it to your taste, you can always count that 5th Avenue will be there to get your night back on track. The drinks are, and we quote, notoriously cheap, which makes it just one more reason why it’s constantly at the top of the list of venues for students from all the local universities. If you’re after a raucous, cost-effective night out with some of the best-loved indie anthems, this is the one for you.

For a city with indie music so deeply ingrained into its history, it would be impossible to list all of Manchester’s venues in one go. These are some of the top contenders, but maybe you’ve got your own ideas too. Wherever you end up, why not get there in style with one of our luxury limousines for hire? Our black Hummer limo is a particular favourite for those who want to turn heads on their arrival, but our luxury fleet of limos isn’t short of alternatives!

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