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Be aware of the huge variation in luxury limo hire prices

Posted on 6th Jul, 2012 by Jackie Jolliffe

The recession has forced the English population to reconsider how to spend their money. People spend much longer deciding whether they want to spend their hard earned money on a limo hire instead of a taxi.

Limo hire vehicles often differ considerably in price, and like in other markets, you usually get what you pay for.

Limo hire prices in Manchester

There are a few valid reasons for the differences in the price – the model of the limo, the age of the limo, the size of the limo, the distance you want to travel and the service offered.

The model is very important when it comes to price. For example a Chrysler limo will be more costly than a Lincoln Town Car limo hire because Chryslers have a newer, more cutting edge shape and style.

A Hummer H3 limo hire will also command a higher price because these are a relatively new style of limo and are in huge demand from young people for school proms and nights out.

The age of the limo also plays into the price. A brand new limo will cost more to hire than an older model.

Newer models often have seats and upholstery which are in better condition, often with fibre optics and laser lightning, drinks bar, DVD flat screens and sound systems.

Companies differ in the services they offer, with some companies offering one way trips and others offer city cruises with drinks.

Prices may also vary according to distance travelled, in which the size may affect it. For large limos, that seat fourteen to eighteen, prices are higher because they need a special licence – COIF.

Large limos also consume more fuel – with some Hummers going less than ten miles per gallon. However, do not let this put you off since a larger number of people can cover the cost between them.

Limo hire prices may be slightly higher than usual for school proms because of demand. The chances of finding the exact limo you want in June are considerably less. Friday nights, weekends, and special events can also have higher prices.

Although limo hire prices vary consider, if you think it through and be organised, you can both choose the limo hire vehicle you want and save money as well.

For more information on limo hire in Manchester, visit the limousine selection pages.

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