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Background of the Lincoln Town Car limo

Posted on 28th Jun, 2012 by Jackie Jolliffe


Sold by the Lincoln division of Ford Motor Company, Lincoln Town Cars are full-size luxury sedans that were made from 1981 to the 2011. These cars are often converted into stretch limo hire vehicles.

The Town Car nameplate was introduced in 1959 in the Continental Mark IV, a luxury four door sedan.

In 1969, the nameplate became a permanent fixture of the Continental range. The Town Car superseded the Continental in in 1981, and became a stand-alone model in the Lincoln product line.

With a V8 engine, body-on-frame design, rear-wheel drive and large exterior and interior dimensions, the Town Car’s design was durable even in the rough conditions. t

They are cheap and easy to repair when they did suffer damage.

Town Car is a literal transition of the french term “Sedan de Ville”, which was a name used for the Cadillac in 1950s.

Both of these refer to a popular limo type from the 1920s which had an open chauffeur’s compartment in the front.

Lincoln made then made many modern models in different styles to their old namesakes.

The 1970s and 1980s saw Lincoln Town Cars with vinyl style roofs as part of a raised moulding, although, generally, no vinyl was applied to the front section of the roof where the driver sat. Some models did had full-length vinyl roofs.

The name ‘Town Car’ first appeared in the form of a custom-built Lincoln made for American Industrialist Henry Ford.

The name reappeared in 1959, with the limo being identified via a padded vinyl top, which was rare at that time.

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