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Another wish granted with help from Limo-Scene!

Posted on 11th May, 2014 by Jackie Jolliffe


We’ve been all smiles here at Limo-Scene lately as we helped 10 year old Jake Thompson fulfil his ultimate wish: being the mascot for his favourite football team, Sunderland.

Footy-mad Jake’s wish was granted thanks to the brilliant work of Rays of Sunshine, a charity that strives to make the wishes of children with serious illnesses come true, who helped Jake attend Old Trafford and play his part in the final match of the season.

Limo-Scene’s smart Black Chrysler was on hand to pick Jake and his family up from the Hilton hotel and take them to Don Marco’s Italian Restaurant for a tasty meal, before heading on to the game itself.  And what a game it was! Jake must have inspired the boys and helped them take home the victory, as Sunderland trounced Manchester United 1-0.

When it was all over, Limo-Scene took Jake and his family back to his hotel for a night of kicking back and relaxing in style – the ultimate end to a perfect day!

Limo-Scene will make all occasions extra-special

We’re so happy that Jake could experience such a thrilling victory and ride around Manchester in true winner’s style. His Mum gave the whole experience a glowing write-up:

“Jake had the most amazing time. He loved the limo and was so excited when it arrived, his mascot experience was incredible, helped by the fact that Sunderland won!”

This sort of thing really brings a smile to our faces – we can just imagine the excitement of being driven to and from Old Trafford like a professional football player.

Jake’s car of choice, the elegant Black Chrysler (also known as the Baby Bentley), is a real beauty – a sleek statement vehicle that makes you feel like a celebrity and lets everyone know you’ve arrived. And we bet Jake felt like a real hero in it!

Planning special occasions and want them to really stand out?

If you’re planning a special occasion, a limousine will provide that extra bit of oomph to make it as memorable as possible. Here at Limo-Scene we have a huge variety of fantastic Limos available: with their sleek appearance and stylish finishings are perfect for grown-ups too.

Both the Black Chrysler and its beautiful twin sister, the White Chrysler, come with a DVD player, magical fibre-optic lighting, a state-of-the-art stereo system and a host of optional extras, including fun balloons and party decorations, so you can make sure the passenger feels extra special whatever the occasion.

Last but not least, all our vehicles are professionally driven by qualified and licensed drivers, so you don’t need to worry about a thing when the special day comes – just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

For Limo hire Manchester, contact Limo-Scene today!

Here at Limo-Scene we work our socks off to make sure you feel treated like the hero (or the heroine!) you are – so if you’re going to be planning any special occasions in the future, hire one of our fabulous Limos today – you won’t regret it!

Our friendly team are on call to help you make your special occasions as breathtaking and magical as possible, so why not give us a call today and see what extra enchantment we can whip up for you. Contact us today by phone or email for limo hire Manchester, Bolton, Wigan and beyond – we’re happy to help!

Has our Baby Bentley got you excited? Tell us about your perfect Limo Ride in the comments below or tweet us @LimosManchester!