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The biggest advantages to booking early for your works Christmas do 2018

Posted on 27th Sep, 2018 by Jackie Jolliffe

christmas do

Most people hate hearing the dreaded festive C-word this early in the year – but for the more experienced party planners amongst you, it may already be on your radar! There are all sorts of reasons why you might want to start thinking about booking your works Christmas party as early as you can. Some of the reasons are fairly straightforward (for starters, it gives you a better chance of easily hiring a limo), but here are a couple of other advantages you might not have considered…

You’ll save yourself money and stress

If you’ve been responsible for your work’s Christmas party before, you’ll already know that there’s an almost endless list of considerations. The room size, facilities, theme, budget, venue location, dietary requirements, employee opinions, all that sort of thing. Finding the venue and/or activity that fits even most of those criteria can be a chore in itself, never mind finding one that fits all of them. And when you do, it can be a real kick in the teeth if that venue suddenly becomes fully booked out. What’s more, it’s worth remembering that certain venues may well bump up their prices as the Christmas season approaches, so it’s definitely worth getting your oar in early!

You can give yourself more scope to be creative

Now, major hubs like Manchester and Preston have no shortage of luxury locations to jet your team away to for an evening, and sit back and enjoy the venue’s hospitality. You may prefer, though, a bit more executive control over your night. This is often especially the case if the date for your works party coincides with a colleague’s birthday or other major event, which is a great opportunity to hire a function room and decide what you want to do with the space. Booking early gives you more time and flexibility to negotiate the hanging of decorations, or organising surprise guests or activities. (Having Paul McCartney burst out of a cake is optional.)

You’ll be keeping your staff happy

inside limo

Let’s be honest – not everyone is going to agree on the very first choice of venue. And unless you fancy wielding your managerial authority to overrule them, you’ll need a bit of leeway. This is again where extra time can come in handy! Starting the dialogue early is the best way to ensure that you settle on a venue or activity that suits the biggest majority of your staff possible. This is especially true if you work in a larger organisation – the more of your staff you have to contend with, the more relevant this rule becomes! And why is it such a big deal? Well…

It gives everyone time to plan around it

When you’re caught up in the planning of your event, it can be easy to forget that your staff will have their own arrangements to make, too! Parents will need to arrange childcare, and those travelling in will need to work out what time they can afford to get home. Speaking of transport, if you’re all planning on drinking, you might even like to arrange some directly from the office. If you’re quick and you’re lucky, you might even still be able to glide up to the venue in one of our luxury limos…

And we’ve got absolutely no shortage of them here at Limo-Scene. Alongside our elegant fleet of wedding limos, we’ve also got tonnes of luxury transport that’s perfect for partying! The first options that lots of our customers look at are our Silver Hummerzines and our perfect pink Hummer Limos – ideal for making a statement as you turn up to the venue!