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A Look Inside Hollywood Limousines

Posted on 16th Feb, 2017 by Jackie Jolliffe

driving success a look inside hollywood limousines

Limos have long been associated with Hollywood as a traditionally high-class way to travel. At Limo-Scene, we treasure our star-studded connotations; but the rules are somewhat different in Hollywood, for celebrities and drivers alike!

The People Behind The Wheel

Limousine driver

Almost all Hollywood drivers follow a simple rule – don’t kiss and tell. (In fact, most of them try not to kiss their passengers in the first place.) Their position places them in a position of confidence and trust, and so many hold themselves to a strict code of honour. It’s especially admirable when you think how much some tabloids would willingly pay! Celebrities are even given code names to protect their anonymity to eavesdroppers, such as Red McGee (no word on whether the celebrities always have input on these monikers, by the way). Hollywood limo drivers are friendly, but not familiar. Nevertheless, their proximity to their clients and regular contact means that sometimes close bonds are formed. One driver has reportedly had several frequent customers literally cry on his shoulder, whereas another was once invited into a client’s house for a spaghetti dinner.

Excitement Versus Monotony

celebrity passenger

Luxury limousine drivers find themselves doing an awful lot of waiting between journeys, and they can’t listen to the radio because it drains the battery. Many bury themselves in social media for the duration, and there’s one Irish driver who sings classic Gaelic ballads to pass the time. When they’re ‘as directed’ on a job, they’re at the mercy of the client’s schedule, which often means a high degree of bladder control. It’s not always dull though. One driver, on an ‘as directed’ schedule for a non-famous client, suddenly realised that he was being used as a getaway car when the client came sprinting back to the limo screaming “GO GO GO” whilst being pursued by a modest hail of gunfire.

Sometimes the drivers are on hand for a ‘Hollywood emergency’ – many keep an emergency bag with hairspray, mouthwash and a sewing kit for wardrobe malfunctions. One actress was saved by her driver stapling her dress in one such emergency, and had to carefully place her hand to cover the staples in picture sessions throughout the ceremony. (The driver, for his part, received a hefty tip.)

Seeing Stars

woman in back of limo

Celebrities, for their part, often each have their little individual quirks. Some insist on smoking in the cars, each time happily footing the hefty cleaning costs that entail. One actor sometimes requests incense, no music, and a specific route to his destination, while he uses the time to meditate. A famous action star makes a point of learning each driver’s name (the same one who extended an impromptu spaghetti invite), while a certain actress insists that drivers who attend her events are served dinner like any other guest. Luxury Limos to big events like the Oscars usually have to transport not only the celebrities themselves, but also a small army of personal assistants, stylists and other staff. Sometimes, even their clothing has its own entourage; a US-based limo company found themselves transporting several armed guards in the company of a famous actress. The guns weren’t for her protection, but for her jewellery – she’d been loaned it for the night!

At Limo-Scene, sadly we’re equally unavailable for both the Oscars and ambitious tyre-squealing getaways. However we can offer the same stunning touch of class to your transportation as can be seen in the highest echelons of Hollywood. You can choose from any one of our stylish limos for hire here – take it from us, our silver Hummerzine is the ultimate limo experience. Of course, if you need any help or advice, we’re only too happy to oblige – just call us on 0800 389 5811.

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