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A chauffeur driven night out in Manchester

Posted on 2nd May, 2013 by Jackie Jolliffe

Manchester is one of England’s largest cities so making your way around can be a long process, especially if you are not familiar with the city itself.

So why run the risk of looking like a fool, getting lost and wasting valuable drinking time, when you can look like a Rock Star, in a chauffeur driven limo that has a built in bar?


If you are heading to Manchester, you will not be disappointed. Manchester has a great night life that caters for just about every music taste.

Have your limo driver drop you off at one of the many Bars or Clubs on the mile (ish) long road ‘Deansgate’ to get your night started, or start it off with your driver dropping you off at ‘Deansgate Locks’ (at the bottom end of Deansgate) for some of the best bars in the city. Or you could get your Chauffeur to drop you off at the ‘Printworks’ which is full of all kinds of Restaurants and Bars.

I understand that the actual night out is the whole point of this article, but let’s just take a second or two to discuss what else you could do if you were to hire a limo in Manchester.

You could fully exploit the limo’s built in bar while your chauffeur drives you around the city and you just kick back, sip some drinks and take full advantage of the limo’s sound system. OK, back to the night out.

You could plan a route, start at the top end of Deansgate, then work your way down stopping at all the best spots. Or start at Deansgate locks for bars such as Revolution and Baa Bar, then head over to Prinkworks that houses clubs like Tiger Tiger and Entourage.

You can do all this without ever worrying your transport or getting lost, because that has already been sorted you, just need to jump into your limo to have one hell of stylish night out on the town in Manchester.

Manchester is sure to offer you one the best nights out anywhere in England and, with your own personal chauffeur driven limo to pick you up and drop you off where ever you need, how could it possibly get any better?

If you are thinking about Stag Do Packages in Manchester, don’t forget to book a limo to make your night/weekend one you will never forget.

Thanks to Gents Events for this guest post.