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Why do so many people choose to hire limos?

Posted on 26th Oct, 2016 by Jackie Jolliffe

Why do so many people choose to hire limos?

Who doesn’t love the idea of being chauffeured in style? When it comes to special events and occasions, limo hire is always a good idea. Limo hire takes the stress out of travel and promises an experience like no other – making it a fantastic way to top off your night.

Why hire a limo?

Why do so many people choose to hire limos?

There’s space for all your friends

Let’s face it, travelling together as a group is much more enjoyable than splitting off into two or three cars. Whether you’re going on a night out or heading to prom, it’s great to have all your friends in tow. A limo allows groups of friends to travel together in style. Our Hummer limos have space for up to 16 and our Silver Hummerzine has space for up to 18!


It takes the stress out of travel


If you’re celebrating a special occasion, such as an anniversary, birthday or wedding, you don’t want to be stressing about transportation. Limo hire allows you to enjoy every moment of your celebration. You don’t need to worry about traffic jams, expensive parking or getting a little tipsy – as our team will ensure you get to your chosen destination safely, on budget and on time.


They’re pretty cool

When travelling by limo, you’re guaranteed to turn heads. Our limos really are statement cars with stylish exteriors and super cool features. We’ve got a wide variety of limo colours and styles to choose from and our vehicles include features like sound systems and disco lights too. What more could you ask for?


Kids love limos too

If you’re looking for transportation for your kid’s birthday party, you can’t get much better than a snazzy limo. Kids will think you’re the coolest parent ever and you can also rest assured that your littlest one is safe.


To wow a date

Looking to make a good impression on your date? Ditch your Corsa in favour of a ride in a stylish limo – guaranteed to make her feel a million dollars. Our eight-seater Chrysler limos, available in black and white, are ideal for intimate occasions and are sure to impress your date!


For VIP treatment

How often is it that you get chauffeured in style? Even though a pre-booked taxi can take the stress out of travelling, nothing quite beats a ride in a limo. Limos have that special quality suitable for any VIP.

Booking your Limo-Scene limo couldn’t be easier. Simply give us a call on 0800 389 5811 or request a free quote via the online form.

Did you know we do corporate car hire too? Our Executive Limo Chauffeur Service allows business clients to travel in style. Whether you want a ride to the airport or you’re transporting a client to a luxury event, our limos are perfect for the occasion.

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