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4 Top Reasons To Hire A Limo For Corporate Airport Transfers

Posted on 28th Feb, 2018 by Jackie Jolliffe

airport transfer

Whether you’re ferrying yourself to a business meeting from the airport, or it’s your responsibility to get a travelling client to your offices, you might first think of booking ahead for a taxi – or, even more risky, trying to flag one down at the time. Trust us, hiring a limo can make your life a lot easier, as well as getting your professional relationship off to a great start, too. How, you ask? Well…

1. Reliability And 2. Safety

Whether you’re meeting a client or you are the client, you’re probably going to be under a very strict time limit, and the success of your meeting (and subsequent dealings) may well hinge on making it on time. So why risk that by trying to flag down a taxi on the street? There’s a lot of competition for those taxis, and if you miss one, there’s no guarantee that the next one will turn up soon.

When you hire a limo, though, your driver will be heading to the airport for you, and only you. There’s far less risk of them being sidetracked or delayed by previous fares, which is a common issue for taxi drivers. This kind of dedication ultimately could be the difference between you making your meeting or missing it.

3. Convey A Quality Professional Image

limo for business

Let’s be completely honest here – a limousine is always going to be several notches higher up the impressive scale than a taxi. And as they often say in business, you only get one chance to make a great first impression. If you’re the one pulling up to the kerb in one of our sleek black Chrylser Limos, it instantly gives the impression of class and professionalism, which can wow prospective clients or business partners.

Meanwhile, if you’re organising the limo for your visitor, it immediately communicates to the traveller that they’re valued by your company. It shows them the kind of lengths you’re willing to go to in order to make them feel welcome and important, which is always a solid starting ground for a productive business relationship.

4. Convenience And Peace Of Mind

One of the most relevant but often overlooked factors to flagging down a taxi (or a similar service via popular apps) is surge pricing. At key periods – whether that’s public holidays or certain hours within a particular day – prices can rise dramatically. Cab companies can do this more or less on a whim, and this unpredictability can leave you in a tricky situation when you’re trying to arrange transport.

flagging cab

On the other hand when you hire a limo (say, from us right here at Limo-Scene!), the pricing is fixed and will all have been arranged in advance by the time you come to travel, so you don’t have to worry about last-minute hammer blows to your budget. And of course, there’s the ever-valuable factor of giving you complete peace of mind. Hiring a limo takes the stress off both you and your client, and the gesture can help get your business relationship off to a good start immediately – always productive when you’re trying to make a deal!

Here at Limo-Scene, we offer corporate car hire and airport transfers as a core part of our service. You can find out more about our airport transport services here, or give us a call on 0800 389 5811 if you have any enquiries!