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4 driving secrets from professional Limo-Scene chauffeurs

Posted on 31st Oct, 2018 by Jackie Jolliffe


Here at Limo-Scene, we’ve got years of experience in clients to their destinations as quickly and unobtrusively as possible. Whenever you hire a limo from us, you can be sure of a top-quality experience, whether you’re on your way to a quiet dinner reservation, catching a business flight, or a wild night out on the town. Throughout our history in operation our skilled drivers have picked up some particularly handy tips, which you may find helpful for your own driving!

Planning well in advance

Whenever you hire a limo, you can usually expect the driver to do at least some basic planning of the journey. After all, you don’t want to spend half the night stuck in traffic! The very best limo drivers, though, will plan the upcoming journey in as much detail as they can. If they’re unfamiliar with the route or area, they’ll check things like possible chokepoints, traffic jams and toll roads. They’ll also take into account the date and time, and whether any major events will be affecting the route (such as road closures for charity runs, or simply rush hour).

It all sounds like basic stuff so far, but you’d be surprised at how many professional limo companies skip these steps! Obviously, you won’t need to go into such exhaustive detail for your own personal journeys, but if you’ve got a long way to travel or an important schedule to keep to – say, for example a job interview – it’s all useful stuff to bear in mind!

Have your Plan B ready

road closed

Our limo drivers will use this information to work out how long the journey will take, before adding a bit of time to allow for unforeseen problems. Here’s where they’ll work out their Plan B scenario. With the right level of planning, limo drivers and chauffeurs can save clients a whole lot of time – and stress! – if they’re able to adapt their route on the fly to account for road closures or accidents. Most people use Sat-Navs to do this for them, but they’re not always reliable. Remember these are the same devices that attempt to steer people into rivers now and then, so if you want to co-opt this tip for your own driving, it’s good to do your own local area research instead!

Keep your situational awareness razor-sharp

Chauffeurs and limo drivers are known for having an exceptionally finely-honed sense of spatial awareness. (They have to. Without it, they’re likely to end up bending their limo around a lamppost!) If you’ve been driving for a long time, you’re liable to get quite comfortable – especially if you’re on the same route all the time. We’re not suggesting that the majority of limo drivers aren’t paying attention, but certainly not everyone looks as far ahead as they could be doing. Don’t forget to peer as far ahead as you can whenever you get the opportunity. It could mean that you spot something in the distance that the driver ahead of you has missed, which means you’re in a better position to anticipate his sudden braking.

Keep the ride as smooth as possible

smooth ride

This is one we’re particularly keenly aware of as a professional limo hire company. To some extent, it doesn’t matter how good your vehicles are; your passengers are still going to notice if the ride quality is awful. Chauffeurs like ours like to make the ride as smooth as possible by only using the brake when absolutely necessary. They much prefer to let the car naturally decelerate by easing off the throttle, and steering the car into bends with small, gentle movements of the wheel. They’ll always avoid hard acceleration – after all, when you’re driving a limo you don’t want anyone to spill their bubbly!

Adapting these tricks for your own driving has multiple advantages. For starters, it can make you more patient and careful with your movements helping you to avoid accidents while making the ride far nicer for both you and your passengers.

Of course, if you want a real luxury experience and to see all these disciplined techniques in action, look no further than our limos here at Limo-Scene. We’ve got years of experience in providing a supreme limo hire experience to our customers, whether they’re on a night out, they’re off to prom or they’ve just been married. Particularly popular options include our Silver Hummerzines and Pink Hummer Limos – ideal for making a statement!