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3 Reasons Why It’s Important To Book Your Limo Early

Posted on 2nd Jan, 2018 by Jackie Jolliffe

3 reasons why its important to book your limo early feature image

Now that we’re starting a brand new year (Happy New Year, by the way!) it’s an excellent time of year for making new plans. If you’ve got an event planned later in the year that you think might be perfect with the addition of one of our pristine limos, then we’d always advise booking early. Even if you think you’ve got plenty of time, booking your limo well ahead of time means that you benefit from…

  1. Less stress
  2. Being able to pick the limo you want
  3. Guaranteed weekend availability

Right then…want to find out how?

Lower Stress Levels

 stressed man trying to book

Planning big events like weddings, stag nights or even just the odd birthday party can result in at least occasional stress now and then – weddings especially! As anyone who’s planned, had or even just witnessed one knows, they’re the results of months and months of careful co-ordination and organisation, and every detail has to be just perfect. This includes the limos, and often they’re booked as far as 12 to even 18 months in advance.

Prom nights aren’t quite that demanding, but even it’s worth to look at them a good two to three months ahead of time, just to avoid disappointment on the day. Knowing you’ve got that crucial detail sorted can make all the difference to your peace of mind when planning the rest of the event!

You Can Have Your Choice of Limo

 black hummerzine

For extra-special events like weddings, you’ll almost certainly have your dream vehicle picked out from our selection of wedding limos well in advance. Every detail matters! But this doesn’t just apply to huge events like weddings – you’ll also want to make sure that your choice of vehicle for an airport transfer or corporate context looks suitably professional, too. (You might prefer to go for our Black Chrysler Limo, for example, as opposed to our Pink Hummerzine, which is better suited for girls’ nights out!) Booking early means that you get the widest selection of vehicles available, so you can be sure that you’ll secure the specific vehicle for your needs in plenty of time.

You Get A Better Choice of Days

How to be the best bridesmaid

Friday and Saturday nights are well known as peak times for limo companies, so if you’re looking to book your limo for a night out on the town, you’ll definitely want to do so well in advance. If you try to do it on the week before you want to go, you’re all but guaranteed to miss out. It might seem like a bit of a hassle to plan your party that early, but trust us, it all pays off!

Here at Limo-Scene, we pride ourselves on providing a fantastic selection of limousines, as well as a top-notch service to boot. Our drivers are professional, reliable and friendly, and you are their top focus throughout the journey. To get booking your limo today, just give us a call on 07812 102 051

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