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3 Reasons Why Hiring A Limo Is Ideal For Anniversaries

Posted on 20th Sep, 2017 by Jackie Jolliffe

If you’ve spent any time browsing our site, you’ll already know that we’ve got some stunning wedding limos to make your special day of yours truly perfect memory. But whether or not you decided to hire a limo for your big day, they’re just as brilliant for making special anniversaries memorable too.

  1. A Limo Is A Lovely Surprise

chrysler limo

Sometimes it can be difficult to shop around for the perfect anniversary gift, especially if it’s a big milestone. You might be stuck for ideas, or it might even be the case that you worry about getting something predictable for your significant other. But if there’s one thing they won’t expect, it’s the sheer beauty and power of a limousine smoothly pulling up to the kerb on the big date itself.

One of the most wonderful things about limousines is that they’re versatile, equally suited for luxury transport to whatever event or activity you plan on doing for your anniversary. Whether you’re going out for an intimate romantic meal together, or you’re suited and booted to see a show, it’s a brilliant final touch to give your night that final touch of class.

  1. Limousine Rides Free You To Spend Time Together

There’s nothing wrong with driving yourselves out for an evening together, and indeed lots of people prefer to do just that. Having said that, though, sometimes the world can put a few obstacles in your way. You might misplace your keys seconds before you’re due to leave, or you might struggle to find a parking space at the venue. Then when you’re out together, at least one of you has to play the role of designated driver, putting a spanner in the works if you want to share a bottle of wine at your romantic meal.

When you hire a limo for your anniversary, however, you don’t have to worry about that. You can go wherever you like, and not have to worry about counting the amount of glasses you drink (although obviously, try not to go overboard in the limo on the way there!).    Your driver is responsible for your safety for as long as you’re in the limo, so you can let him concentrate on the roads while you focus on spending some quality time with your partner or spouse, and enjoying the limo experience. And if anniversaries aren’t about spending quality time together, what are they about?

  1. It Makes Your Partner Feel Special

You wouldn’t hire a limo for just anyone, no matter how fond you were of them. It’s a grand, spectacular gesture that’s perfect for the one you love, letting them know that they’re at the centre of your attention. It’s also unusual, a show-stopping sight befitting its role as a luxury purchase for special occasions like anniversaries.

If you’re considering hiring a limo for your own anniversary, at Limo-Scene we’ve got no shortage of options! Our Black Chrysler Limo, otherwise known as our Baby Bentley, is a popular choice for anniversaries due to its impressive, head-turning qualities, and its versatile dark colour, equally perfect for a night at the theatre or a night out on the town! Click here to browse our other available limos, or give our booking hotline a call on 07812 102 051.

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