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3 golden rules for having fun at your office Christmas do

Posted on 21st Dec, 2018 by Jackie Jolliffe

Why you should make your Christmas booking now

Depending on your relationship with your colleagues, your Christmas do might be something you’ve looked forward to for weeks, or it might be something you’re almost actively dreading. But amongst all the horror stories about Christmas dos you can hear about it can be easy to forget the true intention of your Christmas party – to have fun! If you’re going out for the night, you can get things off to a fantastic memorable start by hiring a limo right here from us at Limo-Scene, but whether you’re in the office or on a night out in Manchester or Preston for your final day at work this week, you’ll find that these golden rules always hold true!

1. Avoid ‘Shop Talk’

It makes sense that one of the first topics of conversation at any works do is generally going to be about work. That’s fine – but make sure it’s not all you talk about! Leave the facts, figures and marketing reports and try and take the event for what it is; a great opportunity to get to know your colleagues better as people. If nothing else, talking about work is a great recipe for abruptly running out of conversation! By all means use it as a jumping-off point if you’re struggling for conversation, but try and move on to more fun and interesting stuff as soon as you can. Keep it casual!

2. Get to know new people

It can be easy to spend all night just sticking to conversation with the colleagues you know. We’ve all done it! If you’re in a larger company, however, or there are certain colleagues you don’t find yourself often chatting to for whatever reason, the office Christmas party is the perfect opportunity to do it! Even if you think you’ve not nothing in common, sometimes people can surprise you, and you might find that you’ve got shared interests or hobbies (even if that’s just binging Game of Thrones in front of the TV on a normal Saturday night – there’s no shame in that!).

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3. Relax!

This is the simplest rule on our list, but at the same time it’s by far the most difficult one to follow. For lots of people, their colleagues aren’t normally the same people they’d find moving through their normal social circles, which means that a glass or two of wine is sometimes one of the first resorts for getting the conversation flowing a little better. That’s fine for a bit, but remember not to rely on it too much! Drinking because of nerves can all too easily end up in certain activities you might later see as mistakes. Sometimes that’s a bit of harmless karaoke, but you’ll definitely want to avoid the ‘drunken snog’ sort of route!

It can often help to remember two things: first of all, that some of your colleagues may be just as nervous as you, and second, that these things often have a reasonable warming-up period, where conversation is a little guarded and people are initially a bit more quiet. If you’re finding things awkward, just remember that all you’ve got to do is battle through that initial period, and everyone will soon start to become more comfortable with each other. Maybe you can even help them on their way!

Of course, if you’re the one in the final stages of planning your works Christmas do, there are rarely better opportunities for some office bonding than by hiring a limo for a memorable start to your night out! And if you’re quick about it, you might not be too late to book yours – just give us a call on 0800 389 5811, and tell us which of our limos takes your fancy! (Personally, we’d recommend the 16-seater pink party limo… but that’s just us!)