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Category: Themes

3 Reasons Why Hiring A Limo Is Ideal For Anniversaries

Posted on 20th Sep, 2017 by Jackie Jolliffe

If you’ve spent any time browsing our site, you’ll already know that we’ve got some stunning wedding limos to make your special day of yours truly perfect memory. But whether or not you decided to hire a limo for your big day, they’re just as brilliant for making special anniversaries memorable too.

Celebrate your sweet 16 the LimoScene way!

Posted on 14th Sep, 2015 by Jackie Jolliffe

limoscene blog sweet 16 birthdays feature image

Turning 16 is an exciting point in your life. It’s the magic age when you move from child to young adult. You start to get more responsibilities, get opportunities to experience the world for yourself, and have the chance to begin planning an exciting future. What better way to celebrate this than with a sweet […]

Autumn Weddings tips

Posted on 24th Aug, 2015 by Jackie Jolliffe

limo blog autumn wedding preview

Autumn is becoming an increasingly popular time for couples to tie the knot. It’s not too warm and not too cool, and the landscape looks just incredible with those crisp and warm coloured leaves. Autumn weddings can also be budget friendly, as many venues class this time of the year as off-peak, offering reduced rates. […]

Create the perfect rustic chic wedding theme

Posted on 17th Aug, 2015 by Jackie Jolliffe

limo blog rustic wedding feature image

Looking for the perfect way to style your Autumn wedding? While the rustic wedding theme is great all year round, it looks particularly stunning come autumn, as the colours of the landscape begin to complement the rustic tones.

The perfect seaside inspired wedding

Posted on 10th Aug, 2015 by Jackie Jolliffe

limo blog seaside themed wedding feature image

A beach themed wedding is a perfect idea for the summer and gives off a lovely laid-back vibe. You needn’t live by the sea to pull off the look either. Join us as we explore the best coastal wedding trends for the ultimate seaside wedding…

Bollywood inspired wedding

Posted on 7th Aug, 2015 by Jackie Jolliffe

limo blog bollywood wedding feature image

Your wedding day is a great day to celebrate your heritage and infuse all the cultural colours and traditions. That’s one reason why Bollywood-style weddings have become some popular – they not only allow one to celebrate their culture, they also look pretty stunning too! So if you’re playing around with the idea of a […]

Create a summer-inspired wedding theme

Posted on 31st Jul, 2015 by Jackie Jolliffe

limo blog summer wedding theme

Deciding on the right wedding theme to complement your big-day can be difficult. Should you opt for a colour, or perhaps something you love – like sports; or maybe an era, such as the 1950s could influence your wedding style? One theme that we can guarantee will never go out of fashion is the seasonal […]

Vintage weddings themes: 2015

Posted on 17th Jul, 2015 by Jackie Jolliffe

limo blog vintage wedding theme feature image

The vintage wedding is very much still in for 2015. From 20s Gatsby style to more decorative vintage charm – there’s a huge number of ways to style and theme your day. But if you’re looking for the ultimate vintage wedding styling guide for your 2015 nuptials, look no further than today’s blog…

Planning the perfect Gatsby night out

Posted on 24th Apr, 2015 by Jackie Jolliffe


Since 2013’s hit movie, The Great Gatsby, 1920’s style and glamour has made a real comeback. The opulent and extravagant theme is one of the easiest and most enjoyable to adopt – making it a fantastic choice for your next night out. So dust off those suits and polish those brogues as we share our […]

The best North West spots for shopping

Posted on 17th Apr, 2015 by Jackie Jolliffe

limoscene shopping

With the summer season on its way it’s time to start shopping for your new season wardrobe. Whether you’re visiting Liverpool, Manchester or Chester, the three North West gems are sure to provide all you need for this season’s hottest looks.